Curls that stay can be tricky but can be done if its done right I promise you. I know its hard doing on your own hair but here is a few extra steps to help when styling.

I would suggest using a curling wand especially if you find the straightener hard to work with or finding your curls don’t stay put as long as desired. You can purchase wands without the clip, which I like though you’ll find the right one. I have included a link above to MUK curling wands as I find they work well and provide 3 different wand sizes.

Style your hair on second day old hair it has settled and will potentially hold better.

To help the hair stay, prep the hair first. I either add a light texturizing hairspray or super sculpt by Paul Mitchell and release. You can hold the curl in your hand for a few seconds (can be really hot) or release that’s fine just don’t style until its completely cool (the longer the better). You can use a medium hold no residue hairspray on each layer as you go if you would like to this part is up to you.

To get the bounce like in this photo below pin each curl before it cools and leave in for as long as possible and style as desired.

If you would like bouncy curls like the picture below wrap and pin each curl and leave for as long as possible. Once you let it out you can brush, use a wide tooth comb or just finger through.